Cami de Cavalls by Motorcycle

The Camí de cavalls or the footstep of the horses it goes up again to the XVIII century when the British troops built towers of sighting around Minorca, to communicate that these towers had created the run that the whole island surrounded.

This run of over 180 km shows the authentic Minorca, it rediscovers the nature and an impressive biodiversity. 20 tappes less of 10 km to discover beaches, rocks, pine forests and bluffs.
You can check here the stages.

The ideal is to do walking, even if there is who does it in bicycle, to horse or in run. We offer you the service to pick up your motorcycle to the beginning of every it covers and to bring it up to the end so that you have only to occupy to walk, to make the bath in the inlets and to observe the turtle and the curls that you will find on the path. Contracts our services calling us for telephone or writing us by email.

Don’t forget to bring water and food, solar protection and a hat!