Hire a scooter in Minorca: Advantages

Many people wonder if it is better to hire a scooter in Menorca or car. In Menorca Motos Rent we solve some doubts.

If you come to Minorca as a couple or alone, the motorcycle as well as being a more economical vehicle, will allow you to reach the coves of difficult access, it will save you jams and allow you to park in the busiest coves in the middle of August. Ride from side to side the island without limitations.

Minorca has infinite secondary roads, if you go by them on a motorbike you will not have to worry about traffic and reach the most hidden coves and park in those more fought like Son Saura, Macarella and Cala en Turqueta

There are many rental companies both motorcycle and car in Minorca, we recommend always do so with local companies and not multinationals, as it favors the economy of the island.