Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of lease belong to the contract of transfer of use of scooters 50cc and 125cc among the enterprise Menorca Motos Rent, owner and the conductor (tenant), divergent accords excepted or complementary that, in any case, will have only validity if they represent in writing.

a) In case of accidents or theft, you must put on in contact with the enterprise before the 24h back to the accident. As to realize the report pertinent of the subtraction in his/her case to the Local Police, National Police Or Watch competent Civil. The telephone of contact of the enterprise is +34 651542290.

b) The signature of the present, the conductor recognizes to have read and accepted the conditions detailed of the necessary contracted present for the management of the vehicle.

c) every moment jeopardizes him to respect the normative one of in force traffic and take responsibility of how many sanctions you could divert for the bad use or breach of the normative one and during the duration of the contracted present.

d) hock him to respect in every moment the normative one of in force traffic and take responsibility of how many sanctions could divert for the bad use or breach of the normative one and during the duration of the contracted present.

e) the proper damages are not inclusive produced by the bad or unwise management as to conduct under the effects of the alcohol or drugs they exonerate the company from whatever responsibility.

f) The defects that can be born aside from the tenant will be subject to skill and back presupposition from the owner. This implicates that the deposit cannot be returned up to that you are not certified with a provisional estimate the value of the reparation.

g) in case that she doesn’t respect any of these conditions anteriorly detailed.


a) The present General Conditions of Bargaining are applied to the service of booking of the vehicles, of now in then, the service, that, with fiscal domicile in Avenida of the Pare Huguet n°19 b, in Alayor it makes of the consumer in its site web https://www.menorcamotosrent.com available and in the rental lease.
The use from the client of the service implies, in every case, the adhesion and conformity to the General Conditions of Bargaining in the version it edits for https://www.menorcamotosrent.com in the same moment of the access to the service.

For this, it is convenient that the client reads the General Conditions before using the service, which will be present in every moment in Italian language in the section translations that is available in the site web. How test of the knowledge and acceptance of the same, the client will be seen forced to sign this assistant sheet to the contract of which makes part if this conforming, selects once the characteristics of booking and facilitated the necessary personal data to formalize the same one.


The object of the contract with the propietario does it exclusively departs for the temporary transfer of the reserved motorbike treating these motorcycles of admitted vehicles as vehicles of rental without conductor. All the prices expose him with the obligatory insurance of civil responsibility, inclusive.

  1. Scooters 50cc
    Minimum age: 16 years
    Type of driving licence: AM/A1/A2/A/B
  2. Scooters 125cc
    Minimum age: 16 years
    Type of driving licence: A1/A2/A/B


Scooter 49cc

a) patent AM or B with one year of antiquity both in vigor

b) Photo, photocopies or reports don’t be accepted or anybody else document that is not the original licence.

c) in case that the client doesn’t gather the conditions quoted won’t proceed to deliver the vehicle neither to return the reliable amount.

Scooter 125cc

a) Great of 18 years scooters than up to 125cc:

b) In case to want to rent a scooter with patent B, the driver must possess the same during already three years.

c) No photo, photocopies or reports or are accepted anybody else document that is not the original licence.

d) In case that the client doesn’t possess the conditions quoted won’t proceed to deliver the vehicle neither to return the amount subscribed us.


The motorbikes 50cc and 125cc have a deposit of 150 €. Says deposit must have subscribed for the tenant. In any case the deposit can serve for an extension from the lease. The payment of mottos amounts must have realized through credit card or cash. Says amount it doesn’t cover the total one with the supposed damages, supposing that the damages in the vehicle overcome the amount of the deposit must have subscribed from the client.


a) For the use of the service, the consumers must follow the in demand instructions in the web or in the contract as have been delivered him during the delivery of the vehicle.

b) Selection of data of booking, for useful information will be asked on the conductor, rates, equipment selected for the client, sets of delivery and withdrawal.

c) Reading and acceptance of the present general conditions. The conductor’s state.

d) The address of mail will be sent to electronics of the consumer with the data of the reserve realized as it always copies some present general conditions justified with the correspondent document of confirmation of booking.

e) The booking of vehicles through the page web of https://www.menorcamotosrent.com is completely free.

f) The number of credit card is solicited to backup effects or payment of the lease of the vehicle. We accept cash Visa and international or issued Master-Card for Spanish banks.

g) Only the payment with credit card will do him through the designate page for our entity, not realizing the load of the immunity up to the moment of the delivery of the vehicle.

h) l cash payment must have effected for the conductor. In case I cross the holder of the booking must be in the place of the delivery of the vehicle.

Price: the rental or sale prices are displayed on our website, excluding 21% VAT, until the moment of payment, where the percentage is specified in the cart. Unlike the insurance price, which is shown with VAT included from the beginning of the reservation.


The scooter counts with a coverage of global insurance of civil responsibility for personal, material and property damages..

During the delivery of the motorbike to the tenant, this must deposit an amount of 300€ cash or through credit card, deposit that will be returned not him in totality as soon as returns the uninjured motorbike to Menorca Motos Rent. Whatever damage or I lack that has suffered the same one will be discounted from the cash deposit or through credit card.


Comprehensive insurance Kasko coverage covers damages of the vehicle as total destruction, partial, loss of the same or subtraction, with an immunity of 300 €. Comprehensive insurance Kasko doesn’t cover: loss of the keys, breakup of the same, breakup of the drum except if the problem originates from a defect of the motorbike, perforations of tires of it so much less road help as a result of the same, assistance in the street for lack of gasoline or loss of the keys, helmets both loss or theft, padlock both loss or theft. In case of accident the recovery of the motorbike goes to load of the client.

In the case in which he makes restocking with a fuel that doesn’t arrange with that fit to the motorcycle, the reparation will be debited to the tenant.

Loss of accessories and personal objects won’t be covered by the policy.

Won’t be covered by the insurance the accidents provoked for causes of effects of the alcohol and/or drugs.



a) The motorbike is delivered with the full deposit, cleaning up, in perfect state and without recognizable defects externally. The tenant must return finishing the period of rental in him same state in which was delivered him, with the full deposit, as in the place, the date and the granted time, with the documentation, keys, utensils and complete accessories. In case of loss of the utensils, key and/or documentation of the vehicle, the tenant will assume the expenses.

b) if the motorbike is returned in state of dirt considerabile, the tenant must pay the expenses of cleaning.

c) The expenses of fuel are not inclusive in the price.

d) Politics of fuel: full to the delivery / full to the devolution

e) Menorca Motos Rent can resolve of immediate form the contract of rental, in case that comes to knowledge of a serious cause for which is not due to maintain it in vigor. You will consider serious cause, especially, the falsehood of personal data and/or related to the solvency as the serious breach of the inherent contractual obligations to the attached nº12. In case of immediate resolution of the contract, the motorcycle must immediately be returns, also before finishing the period of ordinary rental, and without more to get back its right.


a) The motorcycle will be returned at the agreed time, on the agreed day.

b) Every time of delay in the devolution of the vehicle will suppose a penalty for every time of delay in concepts of damages and damages caused to the enterprise.

c) in case the delivery or devolution is home, https://www.menorcamotosrent.com note that due to the difficulties of the traffic in occasions can arrive before or after the arranged time. https://www.menorcamotosrent.com will maintain informed to the client in every moment on the state of the delivery.


In any case of left, also in case of damage, damages or accidents without implication of bystanders, the tenant is forced to give immediate telephone notice Menorca Motos Rent. The telephone of contact of the enterprise +34 651 54 2290.

You can solicit only services of crane-towing and/or of reparation previous accord with Menorca Motos Rent and the road help for the recovery of the motorbike it is of 50 €.

For every case of accident you must contact the police immediately , must assure tests (tracks) you testify, etc.,

To get the data of the parts implicated in the accident and to do all that that can contribute to duly clarify and completely the circumstances of the accident. The tenant hocks him not to send forth confession of guilt and to abstain from actions (payments) accords, that can put in danger the coverage of insurance.


Any rate includes the fuel. https://www.menorcamotosrent.com. it will deliver the motorbike to the tenant with the full deposit.

The client must return the motorbike with the full deposit. In case of lack of fuel will be debited 15 € to title of fuel and penalty for time and move that must come true for being able to complete the deposit, independent that the deposit is partially empty or completely empty “Without exceptions”.

All of our motorcycles use gasoline 95 without lead. If there pits some error in the restocking and as a result the motorbike suffered some damage the reparation you/he/she will entirely be debited to the client.

The maintenance and lubrication of the vehicle are inclusive in our rates.

The expenses originated in the street with previous approval of the office of rental, will be refunded at the end of the aforesaid contract introducing the original receipt of payment. (Perforations or changes of derived tires of the bad use of the vehicle are not inclusive.) “Without exceptions” The mechanical usury for the normal use of the vehicle is assumed by the owner.

In case of damages to the vehicle, as to his/her accessories and complements, and/or subtraction of the same, the correspondent debit will effect him to the tenant for the following concepts and amounts:

a) Chains: hits, scratches. Subject to skill from https://www.menorcamotosrent.com.

b) Small mirrors: stings, splinters, losses, subtraction. Subject to skill from https://www.menorcamotosrent.com.

c) Luci: carcasse rotte. Soggetto a perizia da parte di https://www.menorcamotosrent.com.

d) pneumatic: perforations subject to skill from https://www.menorcamotosrent.com.

e) Accessories: loss, subtraction. subject to skill from https://www.menorcamotosrent.com.

f) In case of loss of keys must subscribe them to the owner.

The cost of key of the motorbike is of 50 €.

The cost of the key of the padlock or key of the luggage van it is of 30 € and the move for the delivery of keys of the motorcycle is of 50 €.

g) in case of loss of the padlock you must be subscribed: The cost is of 30 € and the move for delivery of keys to open the motorbike is of 50 €.

To all the reviewed amounts it will be him assistant IVA or imposes that replaces it.


Menorca Motos Rent delivers the motorcycle without deteriorations and in perfect state of cleaning, working and in safety for his/her circulation, as with the plumbings of intact mechanical components, receiving besides the tenant the documentation and the utensils of the vehicle. The owner will accept only the previous defects that represent in writing in the rental lease to the delivery, having signed both, owner and tenant in sign of conformity. The damages of the tires must be paid, at the beginning, for the tenant.


The tenant must use the motorcycle with the due diligence, completing, especially, the technical norms as the instructions of the manual, and guaranteeing the safety of the circulation. The level of oil and water, the pressure of the tires during the period of lease. The tenant must complete the legal prescriptions, especially, the code of road circulation, answering of all the administrative expenses, fines and sanctions originated for his/her ache use of the vehicle.


a) to surrender the motorcycle to conductors separate of the from those authorized quoted in the rental lease, to exception of a second inclusive conductor in the contract with the authorization of the owner.

b) to surrender the motorbike to an authorized conductor as from contract, in case that to this has been him retired the permission to conduct or that don’t own a valid permission of management or that under conditions am not found for conducting.

c) to use the motorbike in case that has been him retired the permission to conduct or not to be in possession of a valid permission of management.

d) to use the motorbike in state I don’t adapt for conducting.

e) to participate to events of sport of motor of whatever class, included the corresponding tests.

f) to use out the motorcycle from paved streets or circular for the beach.

g) to manipulate the velocimeter, must immediately communicate whatever defect of the same to the owner.

h) to lend, to sell or to prepare of the motorbike or of her pieces, equipment, accessories and documentation of any other form that can jeopardize the rights of the owner.

i) to leave the motorbike to rental without the due safety against the theft

j) to transport the motorcycle out of the territory of the island of Minorca.


From the moment of the delivery of the motorcycle up to the restitution of the same one, the tenant answers in comparison to the owner, even as light indiscretion, of the loss or disappearance / destruction of the rented motorcycle, understood the mistake or pieces of the same one, as for all the damages caused in this during the period of rental and that exceeds some normal usury for use, as, for es., damages for accident or you damn not caused for external impact and damages provoked for inadequate use and I deteriorate.

In case of damages to the rented motorcycle, the tenant will answer some costs, or indeed products, or taxed for relationship perished her, to title of reparation, assisted or rescue, moves or repatriation, spent perishes them, technical or economic deterioration, losses of rental for the time of reparation, or, in case of left total, for the in demand time for the reply. To title of expenses for loss of lease, must boast the daily basic rate for every departed day. In case to consider that the caused damage is smaller, it corresponds to the tenant to accredit it. The tenant in over you will answer some accessories that have been lent, such as you fall understood the visor, jackets, gloves, loss of documentation or keys of the vehicle, etc. For the rest, it is expressly noticed to the tenant that will also answer some damages / prejudices caused in the following cases, if own tenant or the designate person to conduct:

a) it doesn’t respect the obligations of the fit nº12

b) it estranges without authorization from the place of the accident in case of accident or left with guilt

c) you provoke damages of intentional form or for rash negligence.

d) it contrarily overcomes the period of rental from the agreed upon date in the contract.


In case that the client wants to extend the contract must communicate it to https://www.menorcamotosrent.com.

Says extension will be subordinate to the availability of the vehicles and disposition of the enterprise, previous payment and renewal of the contract. For said extension and/or renewal must personally approach in one of our offices.

Don’t be made extension and/ or renewals that personally is not the holder of the contract, and in our office.

In case that the client wants to cancel the contract you/he/she must communicate him/it to https://www.menorcamotosrent.com.

Says cancellation it will correspond to the money’s devolution anteriorly submitted us by the client. The reimbursement will effect him directly on its credit card. https://www.menorcamotosrent.com he won’t make load of the banking errands that can exist in the trial.

The enterprise Menorca Motos Rent won’t debit any amount for intermediation or for cancellations in the case of bookings that has more than 30 days of priority to the date of arrival.

They will debit the followings amounts on the total price of the booking in case of cancellation or not presentation:

Up to 60 days before beginning the trip: Free
Up to 45 days before beginning the trip: 75%
Up to 30 days before beginning the trip: 100%
in case of no-show: 100%


Menorca Motos Rent won’t be responsible of the damages that could divert with character purely expository and not limitative:

a) Delays or blocks in the net of Internet caused for lack or you overload as anybody else electronic system.

b) the impossibility to give the service or to allow the access for whatever cause.

c) Of whatever escape to his/her control and that they prevent from doing real the reserve.

For anomalous operation he intends the incorrect issue of booking or with errors of whatever type.

d) In case that for defect of the vehicle suffers damage https://www.menorcamotosrent.com. it will replace it not as soon as is possible and in the schedule of opening established. In case that a substitution of the vehicle is not possible, https: www.menorcamotosrent.com. it will return the import corresponding to the days not enjoyed of the selected rate.

e) Menorca Motos Rent recognizes and it expressly accepts the clause exposed in the anterior paragraph and renouncement to indemnity some if the case had to be introduced.

In case that the consumer desires to introduce some claim to, https://www.menorcamotosrent.com. , you can send a letter all postal indirrizzo of, Menorca Motos Rent:
Avenide del Pare Huguet 19
Alaior 07730


The present General Conditions will direct him for the Spanish legislation that will be of application in the rejection prepared in the same in subject of interpretation, validity and execution. The parts expressly subdue him to the courts of the place of conclusion of the obligation to settle whatever controversy that could rise in the interpretation and/or execution of the present General Conditions of Bargaining of the place of conclusion.