Menorca by motorcycle: cheap plans

Menorca by motorcycle: cheap plans

Menorca by motorcycle: cheap plans

Today we bring five cheap plans to enjoy Menorca by motorbike, although there are those who say that Menorca is “wallet reserve”, there are many activities that you can do for free or at a very low cost:

1- Visit the northern beaches of reddish sand.

Menorca is much more than the turquoise waters of the south. Do not hesitate to visit the wild beaches and access the most remote coves driving one of our rental bikes. We recommend Cala Pregonda, an ideal place for snorkelling, Cala Tortuga, a 200-meter long sandy beach with calm and shallow waters and Cala Morell, little visited, surrounded by a wonderful landscape and a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

2- Practice some water sport.

There is no need to rent a sailboat to enjoy the Mediterranean in all its essence, there are many other economic options to enjoy your vacation. We recommend renting a kayak from 26 euros a day in many parts of the island, rent a boat without a license for hours in Fornells from 90 euros half a day.

3- On a motorcycle through the lighthouses of Menorca.

Menorca has 7 lighthouses scattered throughout the island. Watching the sunset from one of them is one of the best experiences to do in Menorca. You can do a literary tour for them by the hand of Ferran Ramón-Cortes.

4- Enjoy the sunset.

Renting a motorbike ensures you an ideal sunset no matter where you are staying. Punta Nati is probably the most chosen place to watch the sunset in Menorca. To see the sunset of the sun while the moon peeks in the east is, simply, pure spectacle.

In Menorca there are 128 coves and beaches, discover each of them by motorcycle!

5- Climb Monte Toro.

From the viewpoint we have panoramic views of all of Menorca and, on clear days, you can see the neighbouring island of Mallorca. It is only 358 meters high, which indicates the low relief of the island.