Winter in Menorca

Winter in Menorca

Winter is upon us, and if you think that renting a motorbike in Menorca is only a good idea in summertime, keep on reading, because we are going to show you just how wrong you are.

Though we all share the same calendar in this part of the planet, the winter season is not the same across all zones, this is something we are pretty well aware of in Menorca, where this year we seem to be going through a sunny spring.

One of the great things you find living in Menorca is its marvellous weather, the mediterranean climate does not go to extremes, neither the heat is asphyxiating nor is the cold freezing. This turns balearic islands like Menorca into tourist destinations for any moment in the year. Because to those of us who know this paradise, this island is even more so enjoyable outside of high season; no excessive tourism, empty roads, available parking spaces but, most of all, the same nature, with its famous calas and trails and a sunny weather.

This time of the year in Menorca is being an absolute delight and everyone visiting never cease to be surprised of how this biosphere reserve allows them in full Winter time to hike its trails, walk its beaches and rest in its calas.

None of these activities is better enjoyed than by motorbike. In a terrain such as the one Menorca draws, there is no better way to travel than by motorbike. And the contemporary tourist is well aware of that, that is why renting a motorbike is increasingly becoming everyone’s favourite way of renting a vehicle on the island; the pros are varied and important.

Renting a motorbike in Menorca allows easier access to calas and trails a car can’t reach, this is even more important during the high season, when people try to visit the most famous beaches, and parking areas close to them are overcrowded.

Renting a motorbike provides trips that are in direct contact with mother nature, which in Menorca means enjoying 80% of this island’s beauty; regardless of season, Menorca is blue and green, Menorca is Mediterranean and vegetation, Menorca is 100% landscape.

Renting a motorbike grants you freedom to experience the natural landscape from inside, without the limitation, and feeling, of being trapped inside a metal box.

By renting a motorbike, you’ll be able to stop anytime anywhere something other vehicles will not allow you to do.

Another reason renting a motorbike is becoming every tourists favorite method of traveling in Menorca is the smaller footprint a motorbike has on this island we so carefully protect as a world natural reserve.

The choice is clear, and these are just some of the multiple reasons why at Menorca Motos Rent we’ve decided to provide motorbike renting services instead of other types of vehicles.

Our young fleet is being expanded this year to provide a wider service, our extra features grow to improve our customer’s experiences based on suggestions from previous seasons, our renting conditions are simplified and this island helps us with this incredible weather.

Unlike other destinations, Menorca can be enjoyed any moment of the year, why else do you think we’ve moved here? Why do you think we travel by motorbike in Menorca?