Minorca in 4 days by scooter

Minorca in 4 days by scooter

First day:

We arrived at the airport in the morning, and the equipment of Menorca Motos Rent brings us the scooter. We can give them our bags to take to the hotel, or if we go only with a backpack, we carry it ourselves. Once the transport has been solved, we go to Mahón.

We went to the Plaza de España, the nerve centre of the capital and parked the motorcycle in Costa Ses Voltas street, from there we can see the port, visit the Mercat del Peix, have a coffee in the bars outside the arched space del Mercat des Claustre with sea views.

We continue strolling to the Constitution Square to see the church of Santa María and the City Hall; we keep walking through the old town and finish off with a walk through the docks of the port. Once there we can hire a boat excursion.

From Mahón we went by motorcycle to the natural park of S’Albufera des Grau. On the road, we turn right towards Es Grau, a small town that has retained the old sea air, where we can stop to eat at one of their establishments, relax on the beautiful and sheltered beach near the town centre. From here you can see the island of Colom, whose territory is part of the Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau.

We head towards the Favàritx lighthouse, and we take the first bath in Cala Tortuga. Virgin beach of 200 meters long and crystal clear waters. To access this beach you will have to park the motorcycle at the indicated access point such as Son Camamil-la, and from this point, walk about 1900 meters along the Camí de Cavalls. The presence of the lighthouse on the horizon gives it a unique charm.

In the afternoon we can go to Es Castell, the most visible footprint is that of the English domination, and visit Fort Marlborough that allows us to know the military history of Menorca. Cales Fonts is the port area of Es Castell, and the best one to choose one of the typical restaurants that are located here. There are many to choose from: local excavated in the rock, outdoor terraces, tables overlooking the island of Llatzeret.

We slept in Es Castell.

Second day:

Bañistas en la cala de Biniparratx, Menorca

Biniparratx, Menorca

We get up early and take the motorbike to see one of the most essential Talayotic sites for the conservation of its great taula, the ancient village Talatí de Dalt. It is 4 kilometres from Mahón on the road that goes to Ciutadella. Two kilometres from Maó, in the direction of Sant Lluís, there is another essential prehistoric site: the town of Trepucó.

It’s time to take another bath on one of the beaches with turquoise waters. In the southeast of the island, a few kilometres from Maó, there are many beaches for a good swim, such as Es Canutells, Binidalí, Biniparratx or Binibèquer.

In the area, some restaurants are worthwhile as El Txoko in Binisafuller. If we continue our journey along the coast to the west, we can take advantage of the afternoon to see Son Bou, the most extensive beach in Menorca where we can practice water sports and St. Thomas to finish with a swim in Binigaus, nudist beach.

To finish the day we go to have dinner to Es Mercadal, with luck it is market day and good night atmosphere.

We sleep in Es Mercadall.

Third day:

We can also enjoy a concert or show in Líthica


We get up early and prepare food and water to go to the most disputed coves of all Menorca; we will appreciate the bike because by car we do not make sure to park. Despite the crowds, it is worth visiting them and diving in them. We are talking about Cala Mitjana and Mitjaneta, very close to Cala Galdana.

We will continue always advancing towards the west to bathe also in the Macarella and Macarelleta, Es Talaier and Son Saura. To go to these last ones we will have to return to take the motorcycle or follow the camí de cavalls having a good bottle of water.

To end the day, we will have dinner in Ciutadella, and we will take advantage of the visit to the cathedral, the Plaza del Borne, the Esplanada and the Port. If we are lucky, we will be witnesses of La Rissaga, a natural phenomenon that characterises the port and that consists of the sea oscillating up and down until it overflows. We can also enjoy a concert or show in Líthica; there are some quarries of marés that are a short distance from Ciudadela and impressive views.

We sleep in Ciutadella.

Fourth day:

we can see the sunset at the Cova d'en Xoroi

Cova de Xoroi

We’re going north! If we liked the Talaotic villages, we have another cultural event nearby, the necropolis of Cala Morell, is a spectacle of caves excavated on the island. It used to be a cemetery from the pre-Talayotic period until the 2nd century AD. If we want to combine the cultural visit with a dip, the best thing is to go to La Vall, a beautiful cove very close from Cala Morell. The sand of the beach of Cala Morell is almost non-existent and only worth it for the landscape.

We advance by motorbike to the east along the coast to reach Cala Pregonda. The main attraction of Cala Pregonda is how different it is from the coves of the south. The sand is red and the landscape that surrounds it is something “desolate”, it has an aspect that more than one will make you think that it is on the surface of Mars. The water, for higher contrast, is entirely crystalline.

To eat, we can approach Fornell. The best known is the Caldereta de Langosta, a typical Menorcan dish. It is said that this dish is cooked in Fornells like nowhere else on the island. In the port several boat rental companies do not require certification, it is a bathroom option.

In the afternoon we can visit the Cavallería lighthouse and take another swim in one of the coves near the lighthouse.

To end our trip, we can see the sunset at the Cova d’en Xoroi. The cave has several terraces and viewpoints at different heights. Currently, it is a musical bar by day and a nightclub by night. La Cova d’en Xoroi is located in Cala en Porter. From the main road from Mahón to Ciudadela de Minorca, there are two main exits, one in Mahon, the drive from Mahón to Cala en Porter, and another in Alaior, from Alaior to Cala en Porter. Although this last road is not too right, it is the best option if you arrive from Ciudadela.

We slept in Mahón for the next day to go to the airport where the boys of Menorca Motos Rent will pick up the motorcycle.