The Best Coves of Minorca

The Best Coves of Minorca

In tall season the best beaches of Minorca are often overcrowded, losing the charm to be alone them. It is in the worse one of the cases the access or the parking they close to the entry when the maximum number of visitors is reached. For this motive it is very better to rent a motorbike that an auto to Minorca. Besides with the bike you will reach a lot of more secluded beaches, you must not bear blocks or negative when you reach your preferred beach. You musn’t get up early because you will find the parking in any moment.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes because from the parking in the beaches you must walk among the 20 and 30 minutes. Don’t forget to bring water and food, in the bays of Minorca there are bazaar or shops in the proximities.

In the north you will find wilder and rocky beaches, whipped by the wind and less you frequent. Not all the bays of Minorca are turquoise, they are also there those redheads as Cala Pregonda. To west of the lighthouse of Cavallería it is accessed this beach from the parking of an excavated road, it is tried to reach the end to save a bit of walk. It is one of the best bays for the snorkeling, not to forget to bring the sub mask in the luggage van of your scooter.

Also to north, but next to the lighthouse of Favàritx, there is Cove Tortuga. Virgin beach of 200 meters length and crystalline waters. To access this beach must park the motorbike in the point of suitable access as Son Camamil-la, and from this point to cross around 1900 meters along the Camí de Cavalls.

Approaching to Ciutadella we find the virgin beaches of Algairens with white sand and thin. If the wind blows from south, water will be very calm.

The beaches of the south are characterized by white and thin sand the why in tall season they extend to be more crowded. Crystalline waters with turquoise fund and perfect frame for the snorkeling, Cove Mitjana and Mitjaneta. Ten minutes a foot from the parking through a beautiful leafy forest.

In the proximities, also to south and a a bit to west, we find Cove Turqueta, it name it is not casual, its blue waters and its elegant sand reveal name a reflex of the reality hidden in this bay. Hidden among the pines, must walk for 10 minutes from the parking lot. In saddle to a motorbike there will be no problems of parking lot.

Macarella and Macarelleta are the calettes whether to go to anchor. A lot of boats spend the night for its calm waters and for the snorkeling. These are some of the beaches more photographed and more you appreciate of all Menorca.

Finally Binissafuller, not away from Mahón, frequented from residents and with a picturesque dock. It is not a beach to make snorkeling but to enjoy a fantastic swim and to eat a good pizza in the “Bay” in a known Italian restaurant in the port and there will be no problems of parking lot.