The Island of the Five Lighthouses

The Island of the Five Lighthouses

The island of the five lighthouses is the title of the book of communication of Ferran Ramón-Cortes, but it is also one of the magic runs to travel in motion that Minorca hides. The protagonist must observe the five lighthouses and to discover an unique message. Do you want to accompany Ferran in his trip?

  1. Favaritx: silence.

    In the mean of the lunar landscape and built with the same rock that entertains him, from 1922 it is the light of the park you S’Albufera in the north of the island. Overwhelming when it blows the north wind.

    “He/she speaks only if what you have to say is better than the silence.”

  2. Cap d’Artrux: the brightness.

    In a tourist zone next to Ciutadella, from this lighthouse it is possible to see Majorca, and despite is surrounded by lights, it succeeds in distinguishing, especially for his/her characteristic from black and white gangs, it has been object of paintings and photos. The houses of the keepers of the lighthouse entertain a restaurant of kitchen typical of Minorca.

    Magic and suggestive, it occupies a strategic place on the coast.

    “The distance briefest between a man and the truth it is a history.”

  3. Punta Nati: the connection.

    To few kilometers from Ciutadella it is the best option to enjoy the sunset to Minorca. Surrounded by tall tall bluffs where the tower is vigilant, it invites to the intimate communication in the words of Ferran:

    “Connect yourself with the others and make him feel that your message is alone for them.”

  4. Cavallería: the sensation.

    To 94 meters on the level of the sea and in the most northern point of the island you will find the lighthouse of halves the XVIII century. The magic of this run already begins in own way of arrival: a narrow path, with walls of stone to dry, that crosses different farms before reaching the intersection of Cavallería, where the road begins toward the bluff.

    “We cannot hide what we feel.”

  5. Isola dell’Aire: the conviction.

    Ferran draws near to the lighthouse on an old sailing ship, he must correct the course with the wind and the waves. The lighthouse gives you the information but also the liberty to reach it.

    In a small uninhabited island in the extreme southeast of Minorca, very next to the beach of Point Before. We will always have the option as Ferran, to be able to rent a boat and to see it from the inside, experimenting the way according to which the lighthouse communicates with the navigators, that it doesn’t drag neither it pushes but it invites.

    “It is your conviction that convinces me”