Why travel to Menorca during Holy Week?

Why travel to Menorca during Holy Week?

1. There are no crowds so it is an ideal time of year to visit the most hidden coves that you can access by motorcycle and feel the silence and its wild nature.

2. It is not hot so you can walk for hours through the camí de cavalls and enjoy the interior landscape of the island.

3. It is much cheaper. The hotels have just opened with what they have reasonable prices, as well as vacation rentals.

4. People are kinder. The restaurants and shops start the season after a deserved rest from the previous season. People are much nicer at this time of year.

5. It is a good time to do gastronomic tourism. Among all the dishes, the lobster stew stands out for its popularity, although you can also taste other native fish for more modest prices. Cheese is another of the most typical products. Since 1985 it has an appellation of origin, Mahón-Menorca Cheese, and is protected by a regulatory council. There is also a wide variety of sausages, among which the sobrassada, made with pork seasoned with salt, paprika and black pepper, stands out for its tradition.

6. Dining somewhere charming without having to book and have a drink after having spent the whole day on a motorcycle tour, is priceless.